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Entity Extraction for Elasticsearch


  • Search Technologies is the largest IT services firm dedicated to search applications, and an official partner of Elasticsearch
  • With more than 100 Search Consultants, and 600+ customers, we have the experience and expertise to help deliver game-changing search-based applications
  • Entity extraction is a key technology for the building of high quality search indexes, which in turn drive successful search and analytical applications



  • The best approach to entity extraction is dependent on the content involved, and the user requirements for search or analysis
  • Search Technologies offers independent, expert advice to Elasticsearch customers about the options for entity extraction
  • Using our search assessment service, we can help you to create a blue-print for your application, and take informed decisions about the approach to use, and the technology to choose, to support Elasticsearch with entity extraction
  • Often, open source components can be used to create cost-effective, fully-supportable solutions. In other cases, the best option is a commercial product offering specialized entity extraction capabilities


Talk to the experts. CONTACT US about your entity extraction requirements for Elasticsearch.



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