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Elastic ELK Log Analytics Applications

Custom-Built to Your Needs, Leveraging Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana (ELK Stack)

Log data is a foundation for discovering patterns and insights. Today, with the power of big data, massive logs are being processed and analyzed for increasingly sophisticated use cases in various industries. 

An experienced Elastic partner and reseller, we’ve offered expert consulting, implementation, and support for many customers who leverage ELK log analytics applications. We start with assessing your current IT infrastructure, business requirements, and strategic goals before providing implementation or improvement guidelines.

Some successful ELK log analytics use cases include: 

In addition to the ELK stack (Elasticsearch, Logstash, and Kibana), we can leverage data connectors as well as Elastic’s Marvel, Shield, and Watcher to enhance your application’s flexibility, security, and agility.



ELK stack LogstashThe ELK stack offers a full range of log analytics features combined with affordability and scalability, so you can achieve higher ROI.

ELK log analytics applications can store massive amounts of data (petabytes) in one cluster and combine clusters for horizontal scaling – a foundation for log analytics and many big data applications.

  • Elasticsearch: direct import of log files into a search engine for indexing and easy access through search
  • Logstash: log collection, storage, and parsing
  • Kibana: user-friendly reporting and visualization capabilities via a browser interface, eliminating the need for complex SQL query execution



With the increasing volume of data, commercial log storage and analytics solutions, while powerful, may become prohibitively expensive for organizations to scale. Open source solutions like the ELK stack may be viable alternatives depending on your organization’s requirement. 

Read more about evaluation criteria for open source vs. commercial log analytics solutions (ELK vs. Splunk).


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