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Micro Focus IDOL Consulting and Implementation Services

(Formerly HP Autonomy IDOL)

We provide implementation, consulting, and system tuning services for Micro Focus' IDOL search platform.

We've delivered search consulting and implementation services to more than 800 customers in the last decade. Experience matters when it comes to search and analytics solutions.


With experienced search, analytics, and IDOL engineers in Europe and across the globe, our services include:

  • Strategic consulting:  independent consulting services helping organisations to create and implement a sustainable search strategy, focused on key business objectives
  • Search expertise to address specific issues:  expertise provided at competitive rates, to support projects being managed in-house, or by a general systems integrator, to address, for example, search relevancy challenges, or performance issues
  • Search quality analysis: our experienced search analysts can help to identify where your users' search experience can be improved by optimising query and content processing 
  • Managed services: 24x7 support for your search applications, performed by our proactive Global Managed Services team in the Americas, Europe, and Asia.
  • Migration and support: for when your organisation looks to move from IDOL to another search engine
  • AI integration: incorporate AI techniques like Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Learning to optimise search and analytics performance.

Contact us for further information, to arrange an informal discussion, or learn how to get started with our Search Application Assessment.