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E-Commerce Search

Optimise the User Experience and Your Bottom Line with Better Site Search

e-commerce search consultingDid you know that on average buyers will abandon your site after just two unsuccessful searches? A search for "women's shoes" shouldn't bring up watches and a search for "display" shouldn't return zero results because they are actually labeled as "monitors." Buyers can get very frustrated when the search bar brings up no results or irrelevant ones.


If customers can't find it they can't buy it. Worse yet, a bad search experience can damage brand loyalty and encourage switching to another site.

Have you struggled to optimise on-site search? Is it time to take the next step and engage search experts with proven experience with global brands?


Search Technologies improves the user experience and conversion by optimising your e-commerce site search. Help your customers to find what they are looking for by leveraging our expertise in creating relevant search results, through:

  • Replatforming - We are experts at migrating from legacy search applications to next-generation platforms. Common examples of this service are migrating customers from FAST to Endeca, SolrElasticsearch, or other leading search solutions. Our expertise includes all the major search engines, commercial as well as open source.
  • Search Quality Analysis - Search engines need manual tuning such as appending synonym libraries, auto-suggest libraries, taxonomies (categories) and tweaks to how the results are presented (UI). A Search Quality Analyst bridges the gap between the product catalog's vocabulary and the buyer's intent, making search more user-centric.
  • Content Processing - Product catalogs often have little metadata or are not properly indexed by the search engine. Automated content processing normalises, extracts or enriches metadata and then publishes these tags directly to a search engine ensuring results are presented (recall) and that they are relevant (precision).

Watch our case story on leveraging big data for real-time e-commerce personalisation for a better online shopping experience and greater bottom line.


  • Improved search quality of 20% to 55% in queries returning the best possible results
  • 50% failed query reduction
  • Increased customer satisfaction results (Net Promoter Scores)
  • Substantive increase in conversion rates and revenue

Don't let a bad e-commerce search experience hurt your business, contact us today.