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Media & Publishing Search Solutions

Embracing Disruptive Technology Trends in the Media & Publishing Industry


Like the music industry before them, enterprises in the media and publishing industry are seeing their traditional business models disrupted by the rapid pace of change in technology and the Internet.

Just as records and CDs have given way to MP3 files and music services, advertising based models are moving more and more to subscription-based information services that offer a rich, personalised user experience that, increasingly, seems more like a full blown application. Furthermore, information consumers are looking for solutions that aggregate information and intelligence from a number of different sources, including sources external from your existing relational databases.


At Search Technologies, we are working with leading companies in the media and publishing industry who are embracing the change driven by evolving technologies and customer expectations.  They have learned to give the public what it wants. In general, these enterprises are looking to build online and mobile applications that:

  • Make it easier for users to find and analyse information from increasingly diverse data sets - structured and unstructured
  • Are more readily customisable / personalised (click here to watch our video case story on how big data was used to process 5.4 billion clicks daily to personalise video recommendations for users)
  • Allow users not just to consume data or information but to gain intelligence and insight
  • Enable business processes and workflows to be more automated and efficient

The solution architectures for these applications should take into account application speed, reliability and cost by:

  • Leveraging the best-suited open source or commercial search, content processing, and presentation technologies
  • Leveraging the latest designs for scalability and performance – including, where applicable No-SQL / Big Data Technology
  • Delivering a user experience not just on personal computers, but increasingly on tablets and mobile devices

Search Technologies provides expert consulting and implementation services that help customers to design, build and support the next generation search based applications that will power their business.

Media & Publishing company types we’ve worked with:

  • Free and paid content providers
  • Online publications
  • Paid research / analyst firms
  • Business information publishers
  • Government information publishers

Representative Customers:

  • Elsevier
  • Reed Business International
  • Haymarket Publishing
  • Knovel
  • Memory Lane
  • Bloomberg BNA
  • ProQuest

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