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Search Application Assessment Service

A Proven Roadmap to Optimising Your Search Application's Performance

Search Technologies provides a “Search Application Assessment Service."  This service:

  • Can be used when a search software license is already in place, or when the customer is looking for guidance on search product choices, including the applicability of open source alternatives.
  • Delivers a detailed report providing clear recommendations about search application design, implementation or improvement strategies.


Common uses of this service include:

  • Rescue and Realignment: Our pragmatic approach will help a distressed project to get back on track quickly and cost-effectively.
  • SharePoint 2013 Search Choices: We know SharePoint Search, FAST Search, and the leading third-party options intimately. We provide unbiased advice based on your specific data landscape and user needs.
  • Search Infrastructure Audit: Whole search infrastructure auditing for rationalisation or strategic planning purposes, typically where multiple data sets, business applications or search engines are involved.
  • Health Check: Improvement and extension for existing search implementations, helping customers to maximise ROI
  • New Search Application Planning: The Assessment service can be used to provide a detailed project plan for new search projects. Our expertise will ensure that the many pitfalls are avoided and best practices are deployed. We'll also bring innovative ideas to the table.
  • Search Engine Migration: A thorough assessment of the current search infrastructure and requirements helps to ensure the right technology selection and a seamless migration, on time and on budget. 


For over a decade, we have developed a structured approach to planning search-centric applications. This “Assessment” methodology has become an integral part of our services as it demonstrates our deep expertise to clients and delivers a solid implementation roadmap. As a result, our clients get tremendous value from the assessment, whether they decide to implement the solution in-house or hire us to continue the follow-on development. Contact us for assessment details and pricing. 

The Assessment will be conducted by a senior engineer, who will be supported by specialist colleagues as appropriate, and the findings will be reviewed by our Chief Architect before delivery to the client.


An Assessment Report describing key issues and solution options will be delivered along with an executive presentation of the main findings and recommendations, and where appropriate, a detailed project plan.


Read about how our assessment helped a customer to gain confidence in their search platform's performance and supported their continuous improvement process. 


For further information or an informal discussion, contact us.