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Sinequa Consulting and Implementation

sinequa-consulting-implementation.jpgUsing advanced natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning, Sinequa’s Cognitive Search & Analytics platform enables organisations to discover better insights from structured and unstructured data. 

Search Technologies’ partnership with Sinequa allows us to deliver powerful, customisable search and analytics solutions built on Sinequa’s platform.

Whether you are evaluating Sinequa or have selected it as your platform of choice, our Sinequa consulting and implementation services can help with:

  • Strategic planning and application assessment – to improve your existing Sinequa application or to develop a plan for implementing  Sinequa’s Cognitive Search & Analytics platform
  • Sinequa’s Cognitive Search & Analytics platform implementation – leveraging our search and analytics expertise to deploy Sinequa-based applications that are affordable and tailored to your needs
  • Integration – helping you to select other third-party technologies and integrating them with Sinequa as your use case requires.
  • Content processing – our award-winning Aspire content processing framework provides a scalable way for normalising and enriching your structured and unstructured data 
  • Data connectivity – connect to all of your data sources using Search Technologies’ and Sinequa’s broad range of pre-built and custom connectors.
  • Support and managed services – providing local, flexible application support, including 24x7 and project-based options.

Contact us to see how we can help you to implement and improve search and analytics applications with Sinequa’s platform.