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Solr Training in the UK

solr training servicesSearch Technologies has provided consulting, implementation services, and training to hundreds of organizations who have chosen to use Solr for:

  • Web-facing applications, including website search, e-commerce, and publishing applications
  • Intranet / enterprise search solutions



With a substantial presence in the UK, Search Technologies can arrange and deliver Solr training, including:

  • Class-based courses
  • Customized training at the customer's offices, tailored to meet the specific needs of the situation


To discuss your Solr training needs, contact us, or email to

Solr Support Services

Search Technologies provides Solr support under a commercial-grade Services Level Agreement. Options include 24/7 support.

Solr for Enterprise Search

Solr enterprise search solutions from the largest IT services company dedicated to search engine implementation.

Solr Relevancy Tuning Service

A services engagement for improving the relevancy of search results within an existing Solr / Lucene implementation.