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Endeca Data Connectors

Search Technologies is the largest IT services company dedicated to search engines. We provide search engine independent data connectors for a range of popular repositories, based on the Aspire Data Connector Framework.

Data connectivity is seldom achieved plug-and-play, and therefore our data connectors are typically delivered as part of a services engagement, to ensure that specific needs and circumstances are catered for.

Our range of data connectors, which can be implemented with Endeca, and support document-level security through capturing ACL information, includes Amazon S3 buckets, file systems, Documentum, eRoom, IBM Connections, Jive, Lotus Notes, RDBMS, SharePoint 2010 & 2013,, and Salesforce.

For further information about Endeca connectors and services, please contact us.

Aspire Data Connectors for Search Applications

Search Technologies specializes in the creation, implementation, and support of high-performance data connectors for search applications

Endeca Consulting and Implementation

We provide end-to-end expert advice, implementation, tuning, and managed services for your Endeca search application.

Data Connectors for Solr

Search Technologies' range of Premium Data Connectors is available for Solr / Lucene, providing built-in early-binding security and metadata mapping functionality.

Data Connectors for SharePoint 2013

Search Technologies provides services to build and implement custom data connectors for SharePoint 2013 search.