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Enterprise Chatbot Consulting and Implementation

In recent years, chatbots and digital assistants have emerged as a new way for businesses to improve automation, productivity, and cost-savings. While adoption rate is accelerating as companies are realizing the value they bring, chatbot technologies are still novelties for many organizations, making it a challenge to allocate the right resources, expertise, and investments for chatbot initiatives. 

Our chatbot consulting and implementation experience helps guide you through the process, optimizing your ROI and increasing speed to value.

Consulting for Chatbot Projects

Before you start an enterprise chatbot initiative, we can work with you to determine whether a chatbot is right for your use case and then develop a blueprint for implementation. Some questions we’ve helped clients answer include:

  • Is a chatbot right for your intended use case?
  • Are your business systems and technology infrastructure ready to handle a chatbot application?
  • Can you handle the normalization of variations in your data?
  • Do you have a user interface device ready for a chatbot implementation? 
  • How do you plan to train your administrators and users?
  • Which chatbot architecture would work best for your systems?

Natural Language Processing Expertise

In today's workplace, unstructured content is growing rapidly in both volume and the number of sources. Thus, natural language processing (NLP), an enabler of chatbots and other AI-assisted technologies, has become an essential skill in the enterprise. With our deep expertise in NLP and readily available toolkits, we bring value by helping you accelerate your chatbot project’s completion timeline and performance.

Learn more about our unstructured content and NLP capabilities.

Chatbot Implementation and Support

Whether it is delivering a chatbot for your external customer service applications or internal portals, we work with you to help ensure a successful implementation and high performance going forward. 

  • Use our best practices and expertise to help develop a custom chatbot architecture that works best for your use case 
  • Implement a high-performing, secure enterprise chatbot 
  • Work with different chatbot technologies including Amazon Lex, IBM Watson, LUIS (Microsoft Language Understanding Intelligent Service), and others
  • Support and managed services

Contact us to discuss your enterprise chatbot requirements.