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Enterprise Chatbot Solutions

Digital assistants like Siri, Google, Alexa, and chatbots have made Natural Language Processing (NLP) ubiquitous in our lives. Organizations are also making strides to strategize and implement enterprise chatbots to boost operational efficiencies and business results. However, without having the right internal or external resources and expertise, it can be daunting to implement the right chatbot solution and optimize ROI. 

Chatbot Use Cases for Business

Consider the following scenarios in which chatbots can help improve your operations and customer services:

  • E-commerce/purchasing: fill orders over the phone, on desktops, or via mobile apps 
  • Customer services: order status, order cancellations, return instructions, tracking numbers, order modifications, account balance, etc.
  • Customer support: provide automated support responses to customer inquiries, navigate government or administrative services
  • Office/administrative tasks: reserving conference rooms, registering mileage, reporting expenses, etc.

Common Challenges with Enterprise Chatbot Solutions

  • One-size-fits-all chatbot solutions and frameworks cannot fulfill enterprise needs given the complexity of data and processes. 
  • Natural language understanding has become ubiquitous so customer expectations are high and growing.
  • Costs may exceed expectations - even simple projects require multiple months of effort.
  • Current solutions are incomplete and/or too heavy-weight to work where needed.
  • Lack of resources and skills to implement or maintain a high-performing chatbot.

We help you select the right technology stack on which to implement your chatbots. Or if you’ve already selected a platform, we can help implement and support it. 

Examples of Chatbot Solution Features

  • Handling problem situations and providing alternatives
  • Handling language differences
  • Intelligently handling partial requests
  • Generating responses based on user’s history, past purchases, location, business unit, or context of the request
  • Normalizing requests
  • Providing natural responses (text and/or voice)
  • Monitoring sentiment and modifying results based on the user’s actual behavior

Once the chatbot solution is in place, we can also work with your team to make enhancements, including:

  • Improve the chatbot with more personalization, complex requests, and more intelligence responses
  • Integrate with mobile and business systems
  • Implement secure server-to-server authentication and encryption
  • Continuous testing and tuning for peak performance

Contact us to discuss your use cases and how we can help you jumpstart your chatbot initiatives.