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Enterprise Content Integration

A low risk, cost-effective approach to implementing ECI for your unstructured information


  • Enterprise Content Integration (ECI) is set to be a key technology for large organizations during the next five years
  • Most current ECI initiatives focus on structured data, yet 80% of content is unstructured
  • Search Technologies helps customers to harness the value hidden in unstructured information through ECI solutions specifically designed for unstructured content
  • ECI provides a foundation for enterprise search, content analytics, data visualization, and business intelligence
  • Search Technologies provides a service to build Enterprise Content Integration systems using our Aspire content processing platform
  • No upfront investment in software licenses is necessary, so this is a low risk approach for companies looking to implement unstructured ECI for the first time



Most business processes depend on access to information.  As the volume of information grows and the rate-of-change in business accelerates, flexible and efficient provision of the right information is vital.

The traditional approach to unstructured information access is to build search capabilities into applications. Moving forward, organizations see strategic value in separating information access capabilities from applications. The universal acceptance of XML as an interchange standard make this practical.



There are tactical and strategic benefits to separating ECI from information consuming applications:

  • The provision of high quality unstructured data (clean, enriched, consistent, transparent) is important to enterprise search, content analytics and business intelligence applications. Managing this separately avoids repeated effort
  • A separate ECI layer provides any application needing to use unstructured data with standardized xml input of a known and appropriate quality. This greatly simplifies the implementation of new data-consuming applications


Through many years of experience implementing and supporting enterprise search infrastructure for customers, Search Technologies has developed proven methodologies and robust software tools for Enterprise Content Integration. 

We provide a low-risk, high-performance alternative for companies at the front of the unstructured ECI adoption curve:

  • No large up-front license fees. Instead, an ongoing service for an affordable service fee
  • We take total responsibility for system administration, maintenance, and data quality
  • Or, we'll train your team to perform ongoing administration, based on fully supported software tools