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Revitalizing the EMC Sales Resource Portal


  • Unified search experience integrates multiple data stores creating a ‘one-stop-shop’
  • Successful migration from a legacy search system to the Google Search Appliance with Aspire content processing framework and connectors
  • Delivers relevant search results that engages partners and sales thereby increasing productivity and revenue



EMC is a leading provider of data storage hardware and enterprise software, with over 60,000 employees and roughly $6 billion in annual sales. The company reaches global customers through a multitude of channels; direct sales people, VARs, system integrators and partners. Getting information into the right hands at the right time is critical to driving revenue. EMC communicates product information through Powerlink, an internal portal for sales and partners. 


Powerlink was built using HP Autonomy and originally intended to provide pre and post-sales support but had grown outdated and expensive to support. Product information was spread across multiple information silos, requiring sales and partners to search multiple sites. EMC Community Network, a social media outlet powered by Jive and EMC educational services were two examples of these information silos. In addition, each search was independent with no common search interface or GUI across search results. 


EMC decided to retire Powerlink and migrate the content to new website using the Google Search Appliance (GSA) to drive the search infrastructure. Search Technologies was chosen to design and integrate the GSA based on the company’s deep expertise in implementing corporate wide search. Search Technologies created a solution combining GSA and Search Technologies Aspire content processing platform. Aspire content process framework was used to access, analyze, normalize and clean data before indexing by the GSA. These Aspire connectors, running within the framework ensured access to the content and metadata:

  • Jive connector to access content from EMC’s community
  • RDB connector to crawl the content  database used by FatWire Content Center, the CMS used for
  • Web crawler connector (Heritrix) enabled connectivity to the EMC retail store, for pricing and ordering information and to the educational catalog, for course information


The redesigned sales and partner portal now serves as a one-stop-shop for a variety of stakeholders. A unified search experience provides access to public and private content, granting access to content based on users’ entitlement. A familiar Google search experience brings up intuitive GUI results with facets based on product, type of document and when it was last updated. Advanced features allow searches to be filtered at a very granular level; by date range, specific language, inclusive and exclusive keyword matches and title or full text search. EMC has successfully retired the Powerlink portal and is planning to expand the portal's functionality to support customers with the help of Search Technologies.


  • Faster and easier access to content in the field speeds up the sales cycle
  • Sales spends more time on value-added activities, such as generating quotes, and less time on locating product information
  • Partners remain engaged, solidifying mindshare devoted to EMC products