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CPA Global's Advanced Worldwide Patent Search Application

Enabling faster and more accurate search across over 87 million patent records


CPA Global is the world’s leading intellectual property (IP) management and IP software specialist, and an international provider of outsourced legal services. Search Technologies designed and implemented the world’s most advanced patent search application for CPA Global. 


CPA Global contracted with Search Technologies to build a search-centric online information portal for CPA Global’s subscription customers. A key design objective was to maintain excellent performance and relevancy when searching over 87 million patent records - many of which are large and complex, and, at the same time, provide a wide range of advanced search functions.


CPA Global patent search applicationExtensive Use of Search Navigation

The CPA portal makes extensive use of search navigation based on rich metadata and citation link analysis. Users can customize the system by choosing which of the many available navigation options they prefer to use to refine search results.

Search navigators can be displayed graphically, and both positive and negative filtering is offered. 

Smart De-Duplication

Citation link analysis helps users to navigate through patent families and discover conceptually-related patents. Search results can be configured to show all patents found, or be de-duplicated based on the immediate or extended patent family. This includes de-duplication of patents submitted through multiple patent offices.

Sophisticated Content Processing

The analysis and search navigation functions require the automated generation of a rich set of metadata. This is achieved using Search Technologies’ Aspire high performance content processing framework, which organizes and enriches data from 3rd party data providers, prior to indexing. Content is tagged against multiple taxonomies and numerous entity types are identified, extracted and normalized. 

Similarity Searching

A key feature of CPA search portal is the ability to use the text of a patent as input to a “similarity search” function. This finds the most similar patent grants or applications, based on the document’s content as a whole. Similarity searching can also be used recursively within results sets.

Analysis Tools

Search results can be analyzed using graphical exploration tools. This includes mapping functions and histograms, which are especially insightful for showing activity over a period of time in a specific IP subject area. Analysis can be applied to entire results sets, or to selected sub-sets of search results.


The system supports a range of collaboration scenarios, and enables multi-disciplined teams (lawyers, researchers, technical staff) to share assets such as recent and saved searches, patent lists and picture lists. Export functions are provided which can be applied to individual patents, or to lists of patents selected from search results.