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Proagrica: Seeding A New Era of Precision Agriculture

proagricaWith limited new land available to farm, increasing agricultural yields over the coming decades call for the exceptionally efficient use of data and technology. That’s why we helped Proagrica build Agility – an insights platform that’s giving UK farmers new levels of insight into their farming operations – and pushing at the boundaries of the precision agriculture revolution.

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THE CHALLENGE: How to harvest a wide range of agricultural data insights

  • Greater farming yields mean that by 2050 the average farmer will feed 110 more people than they do today. 
  • That takes exceptionally efficient use of data and technology, something that Proagrica’s Agility platform aims to deliver.
  • The company needed to bring a wide range of farming data sources together and surface insights in a way that would make sense to the agronomist and the farmer.

HOW WE HELPED: Digging deep into the data

  • We merged Proagrica’s structured and unstructured data into a single big data repository – everything from weather, soil, crops, and machinery to on-farm sources, drones, and even satellites. 
  • We provided a solid data foundation for Agility by organizing the entities and attributes in a canonical model.
  • We used the latest technologies, such as Elasticsearch, NodeJS, React, and HPCC, to present the insights in a way the farming community could easily use. 

THE RESULT: Precision agriculture, from germination to fruition

  • The Agility platform is giving farmers and their advisors deep insights into crop protection, planting, cropping stage, nutrition, farming operations, and regional variations.
  • Improved visibility into the farming supply chain, plus enhanced traceability for better provenance data.
  • Precision agriculture is helping farmers make better decisions for their own businesses – and become more effective stewards of our valued environmental resources.