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StepStone’s Industry Leading Search & Match Platform for Recruiters and Job Seekers

stepstone-recruitment.jpg“We brought Search Technologies in because we wanted to have an independent, expert view to make sure that we stay ahead of the game across industries and to see where the opportunities are to keep our leading position."

- Christophe de Rassenfosse, CPO, StepStone


StepStone, one of the leading job board businesses in Europe, is used by more than 60,000 companies for the recruitment of qualified talent and executive staff in 20 countries. 

StepStone engaged Search Technologies to conduct an audit and assessment of their search & match platform as part of their continuous improvement process. As this cornerstone platform is crucial to StepStone’s business, they wanted to confirm they were following best practices and utilizing the right search features and functionalities to stay at the forefront of the recruiting industry.  


Searching and matching is the core of StepStone’s business, as fast and accurate candidate matching is an enormous competitive advantage. For StepStone, it is also equally important to:

  • Provide job seekers the best possible experience, not only UI-wise but content-wise, and be as adequate as possible in their response to them 
  • Ensure recruiters get the best and as many good job seekers as possible for them to apply on the job listing

StepStone invests heavily in their international team of highly specialized in-house experts to keep the search & match platform ahead of the curve.  The team has a strong background in research, counting several PhDs amongst its number. To confirm the team’s work and future priorities, StepStone engaged with Search Technologies for an in-depth search & match audit.


The main goal of the assessment was to benchmark StepStone’s search & match techniques within and across industries. The audit provided StepStone with tangible and actionable feedback to further improve the search quality and search effectiveness of its StepMATCH Search & Match technology, powered by Elasticsearch.

The assessment concentrated on evaluating the StepMATCH technology and provided recommendations for improving:

  • Search infrastructure
  • Search quality & precision
  • Query handling 
  • Improvements to current search functionality as compared to current best practices 
  • New/additional search functionality 
  • Implementing a continuous improvement cycle 
  • Implementing search engine scoring 



By conducting the assessment, Search Technologies identified 44 recommendations, most of which StepStone was already working on at the time of the audit. The assessment also confirmed that StepStone was on the right track; they were doing better than the competition and following many search best practices.

Contact us if you have further questions about this project or would like to learn more about our Search Application Assessment service and Recruiting Search and Match solution.

About Search Technologies 

Search Technologies is the leading trusted and independent technology services firm specializing in the design, implementation, and management of search and big data analytics applications. We have delivered results for more than 800 customers including industry leaders in various industries. Our experienced consultants and unique technical assets help us deliver customized search and big data solutions that are easier to use, less expensive, more powerful, and most importantly, aligned with your business objectives. 

About StepStone   

Founded in 1996, StepStone is one of the most successful online job board businesses today. StepStone operates over 10 top brands with 60 million visits and more than 600,000 jobs per month. 

Everything StepStone does is in line with one main objective: to accurately match the best candidates with the best companies. Over 2000 people in 20 countries aim to deliver the highest quality of service to all of their clients, ranging from small local players to big global corporations throughout all industry sectors. More than 60,000 renowned companies, for example Deutsche Telekom, Siemens, Deloitte and Daimler, use the StepStone job boards successfully for the recruitment of qualified specialists and executive staff.

Beyond the national StepStone websites the international group “The Network” allows customers to find new employees in more than 135 countries. 

StepStone is part of the job board portfolio of Axel Springer Digital Classifieds GmbH.