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Enterprise Search and Analytics Case Studies

Success Stories from Our Customers in the Americas, Europe, and Worldwide

We provide services to a broad range of customers, who use search and big data for enterprise search, customer support, market intelligence, compliance, and web-facing applications such as publishing and e-commerce.

A selection of brief case studies can be found below.  More in-depth content is available in our White Paper repository.


This case study, first presented at Lucene Revolution, focuses on the architecture and development of the National Archives’ “Online Public Access” (OPA) initiative, a public search interface for browsing both catalog information and on-line content, which is being completely rebuilt using SolrCloud.

EMC has a growing portfolio of products and a vast sales and partner community. Disseminating and finding relevent product information was throttling sales growth. Learn how Search Technologies helped EMC replace its sales extranet by migrating and processing content to an entirely new platform thereby accelerating the sales cycle.

Reed Business Information (RBI), a leading provider of business information, data, and marketing solutions, turned to Search Technologies for a major FAST ESP to Solr migration project, which maintained and improved upon existing FAST functionality, reduced overall cost-of-ownership for the search system, and did so without impacting the many RBI properties using the search service.

Search plays a hugely important role in online commerce. It is the professional “salesperson” on the site. A global brand in electronics sought Search Technologies' assistance, and this case study illustrates the importance of attention to detail.

Search Technologies is the lead contractor for search, document processing and content enrichment for this major US federal portal. More than fifty government data sets are now available online for searching through FDsys including Congressional Reports, Daily Congressional Reports, Economic Indicators, Reports to the President, and the Budget of the United States Government.

Search Technologies designed and implemented the world’s most advanced patent search application for CPA Global, searching more than 90 million patent records, gathered from patent offices around the world. This application provides extensive search navigation options, and visual results display.

Macomb County wanted to make public records search, and fraud detection, as easy as possible. Xerox, Google, and Search Technologies helped this customer to implement their vision. Using the GSA and Search Technologies' services, a "super index" of land record information was made available to the public.

Celera Systems is a leader IT solutions provider to the financial industry, the company’s literature fulfillment platform is used by some of the largest insurance companies. Search Technologies' Search Application Assessment service recommended implementing the GSA to optimize the user experience without compromising document level security.

As the publishing business continues to move online, search becomes a critical element in the business model. Search Technologies has helped a range of business publishers to make the transition. This case study discusses how Aspermont, a leading UK publisher of specialized B2B information, uses search to enhance user experience and drive online revenues.

This case study details how the relevancy of search results was significantly improved for a mid-sized provider of scholastic materials, and other educational resources. With a relatively small amount of effort, a clear and short-term ROI was proven. Search results relevancy directly impacts the bottom line.