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Use Case: Enterprise Search in Life Sciences

Search Technologies recently helped a major European pharmaceuticals company to improve an established FAST ESP implementation, and prepare the ground for a planned migration to a new enterprise search platform. 

The project involved isolating the search engine, through both content and query-side work, involving Search Technologies’ Aspire content processing platform, and QPL, the Query Processing Language. 

Existing FAST ESP connectors have been implemented onto the Aspire platform, and the system enables administrators to easily create custom business rules for query processing and exception handling. Logic is being built into this framework, so that in the future it can be used with a replacement search engine. During the next 12 months, it is likely that a new search engine, most probably SharePoint 2013 Search, will be installed to replace FAST ESP.

The preparatory steps already taken will enable a smooth transition to the new platform, with minimal loss of functionality.