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Enterprise Search Optimization

Enterprise Search Optimization

Enterprise Search Excellence is Achievable.

A general dissatisfaction with enterprise search has been documented in numerous surveys during the past 10 years. Today’s leading search products, both commercial and open source, provide scalability, reliability and rich feature sets, however for people who are serious about providing advanced navigation features and the highest levels of relevance and recall, additional add-on technology may be necessary.

Having implemented enterprise search for hundreds of the most demanding organizations over the past eight years, we at Search Technologies have observed that the root causes of user dissatisfaction often include one or more of the following: 

  • Lack of access to content. If it hasn’t been indexed, it can’t be found.
  • Weak or missing content pre-processing. “Rubbish in, rubbish out” is an axiom fully applicable to enterprise search.
  • Lack of a plan and insufficient support for the capture and auto-generation of contextually useful metadata . Almost all of the UI features of a modern enterprise search system depend on metadata.
  • Lack of attention to query quality. Great queries produce satisfying results, regardless of the search engine in use. But don’t rely on your users to create great queries, they may need some automated help.

Based on our implementation experience, Search Technologies has built a number of search engine-independent, bolt-on technologies to address these scenarios. Depending on customer circumstances and the search engine being used, these bolt-on technologies may not be necessary. Expert configuration of existing functionality often provides a quick and cost-effective solution to issues such as poor search relevancy. But sometimes, the situation demands more.

Our enterprise search optimization technologies include:

  • Aspire Data Connectors. Pragmatic, full-function connectors that can be customized when needed to address capabilities that plug-and-play products cannot meet
  • QPL: The definitive and search engine independent query parsing solution for automating query enhancement
  • Aspire Content Processing, extract all available metadata, clean and normalize content to drive search excellence
  • The Query Completion Server for providing query auto-completion to support guided query creation.

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