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Enterprise Search Requirements Gathering

If you are collecting enterprise search requirements for your application, with view to issuing an RFP to vedors, or simply for internal planning purposes, please contact us first.

At Search Technologies, we have huge experience assessing the search requirements of organizations, and making recommendations, both in terms of the processes you should use, and the technology options you shouold consider.

Based on the experience of more than 500 customer implementations, our guidance will save you both time and money.

Call us for a no commitments discussion of your needs and ambitions for enterprise search.

Search Technologies enjoys cordial relations with all of the leading search software vendors. We are also heavily involved with the open source community, and where appropriate to your circumstances, we will always consider open source search alternatives, such as Solr and Elasticsearch. 

Enterprise Search Strategy Consulting

A consulting services engagement to review your organization's strategy for creating business advantage through the use of search engines

Enterprise Search Implementation Services

Search Technologies provides client-side consulting and implementation services for Enterprise Search and Web-facing search projects

Enterprise Search Excellence

A free-to-download white paper examining approaches and attitudes at organizations who are brilliant at enterprise search 

Enterprise Search Fundamentals

A free-to-download search engine white paper providing a guide to best practices in building enterprise search systems

Enterprise Search Surveys

A summary of the most important surveys of enterprise search deployment and use from the past 10 years