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Enterprise Search Security


  • Bullet-proof document-level security is achievable with enterprise search
  • Yet concerns about access security, especially among IT staff, remain a common barrier to enterprise search deployment
  • Our expertise and experience can help you to directly address enterprise search security concerns

Important documents are the best protected in an enterprise. They are also some of the most valuable, in terms of the knowledge and insights that they contain. This presents a dilema to organizations; how to share important knowledge effectively, amongst those employees who have appropriate access rights, and at the same time, strictly maintain access security regimes?

Enterprise search plays an important role in the sharing of information, and today's leading enterprise search products provide the necessary functionality to impose document-level security. However, confidence must be built, and processes put into place to ensure that all staff are comfortable with indexing locked-down content.

This is where our experience and expertise can help.

Enterprise search engines do not decide on security matters. Instead, they must fully reflect the security regimes imposed by host repositories. This means:

  • If a search user does not have read access to a document, it will never appear in a results list
  • Without read access, a search user will not even be aware of the existance of a document



Having implemented enterprise search for more than 500 customers, Search Technologies has developed an approach that not only ensures strict document-level security ahereance through search, but also provides auditing capabilities.

Our approach can be applied using a range of search engines, including SharePoint, the Google Search Appliance, and open source alternatives such as Solr and Elasticsearch.

For a detailed overview, see our blog on document-level security in enterprise search.

Or, contact us for an informal discussion of your circumstances and security concerns.