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Technical Briefs

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These free-to-download documents provide detailed technical information about the Aspire content processing framework, and the Query Processing Language.

Aspire Content Processing   

This downloadable document provides a semi-technical overview of Aspire's capabilities.

Content processing, that is the preparation of content prior to indexing into the search engine, is one of the most important aspects of enterprise search systems.  

Aspire is a toolkit for building applications to analyze and prepare content. This includes normalization, enrichment, cleansing, and restructuring.

QPL: The Query Processing Language      

Use of Internet search engines has trained most enterprise search users to enter one or at most a few query terms, with no query operators, and users are satisfied with search results. However, this is a more difficult problem for intranet search.

Many enterprise search systems provide a wealth of sophisticated search functions to those able and willing to use the query syntax, however most users do not have this knowledge or skill.

QPL, The Query Processing Language, enables search system developers to create solutions that bridge this gap by automatically transforming simple queries into detailed, highly effective search requests, which deliver enterprise search excellence.


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