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EMC eRoom Connector for the GSA

Our eRoom data connector for the Google Search Appliance supports document-level security, and enables eRoom content to be made searchable via the GSA.

This data connector is one of Search Technologies' Aspire Connectors Range. It is typically delivered as part of a services engagement, to ensure optimum configuration for the customer's environment.

Search Technologies provides data connectors, plus a wide range of consulting and implementation services, to more than 100 GSA customers.

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Google Search Appliance Features

A summary of the main features of the Google Search Appliance.

Google Search Appliance Services

Search Technologies provides a range of Google Search Appliance services, from Jump-Start Programs and Health-Checkups, to enterprise-scale implementations.

Google Search Appliance Connector Framework

Our Custom Connector Framework enables the rapid development and easy maintenance of custom connectors for the Google Search Appliance (GSA), and it provides integrated metadata creation capabilities, helping GSA users to make the most of Dynamic Navigation.