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February 2019

2019 elasticON tour Dallas
February 5

Dallas, TX

Accenture is a sponsor and exhibitor.

March 2019

2019 gartner data & analytics summit
March 18-21

Orlando, FL

Accenture will be a Platinum sponsor, exhibitor, and speaker in the solutions provider sessions. Get $350 off Standard Registration with our code: DASP92

Intelligent Enterprise Search Powered by AI
March 27

With so much data and content sitting in disparate silos, finding relevant information isn’t always easy. Join our webinar to learn about our Intelligent Enterprise Search solutions and how we’ve helped customers gain data-driven actionable business insights.

April 2019

intranet reloaded boston 2019
April 4-5

Boston, MA

Accenture will be the Breakfast Workshop partner with a speaking session and exhibit. 

Data Storage Optimization Analytics
April 17

Join our webinar to learn how our Storage Optimization Analytics expertise provides IT departments, CIOs, and content owners with visibility into their storage to identify content eligible for deletion or migration to lower cost storage.

May 2019

Scalable Natural Language Understanding
May 15

Join our webinar as we discuss a framework for non-data-scientists to create domain-specific, customized language models that do not just process but also understand natural language queries and relevant business content to produce actionable answers.

June 2019

E-Commerce Site Search that Keeps Customers Coming Back
June 5

Join our webinar to learn how we help evaluate and identify customers’ e-commerce site search's strengths and weaknesses and provide a clear view of what’s needed to be done for short- and long-term improvements.

July 2019

Enhancing Business Processes with Intelligent Document Analysis
July 10

Join our webinar as we discuss various Intelligent Document Analysis (IDA) use cases and the AI technologies used for IDA projects to identify specific pieces of pertinent information to drive better business outcomes. 

September 2019

Log Analytics: Tools, Use Cases, Verticals, and Visualizations
September 11

Join our webinar as we discuss log analytics use cases, the various business verticals where business insights can apply, and what non-commercial off-the-shelf options are available and how they can be customized to meet unique needs.