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April 2018

AIIM conference 2018
April 10 -13

San Antonio, TX

We are a Gold sponsor and will be speaking.

intranet reloaded berlin 2018
April 18 - 20

Berlin, Germany

We will be sponsoring.

enterprise search & analytics forum frankfurt germany
April 24

Intelligent search solutions are a key enabler of transformative technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Natural Language Processing (NLP), and Machine Learning. Join our Enterprise Search & Analytics Forum Frankfurt to discover how search and analytics-powered technologies help improve insight discovery across all business functions.

May 2018

why search doesn't work like google
May 10

Join our second webinar in the Espresso Webinar Series and learn the secrets of how you can improve the accuracy of your intranet search, allowing users to find relevant and engaging content and as a result become keen supporters of the Intranet.

June 2018

exploring enterprise data lakes
June 6

Join us for our third webinar in the Espresso Webinar Series. We will discuss the challenges and potential of handling massive quantities of diverse content in a data lake while exploring current customer examples. 

July 2018

search, question answering, chatbots, and AI
July 11

Join our webinar, part of the Espresso Webinar Series, and learn how artificial intelligence is tying search, chatbots, and question answering systems all together to answer the needs of the user and bring value to your organization.

September 2018

criteria for choosing a search engine
September 13

Part of our Espresso Webinar Series, this webinar will discuss the key criteria to look for when comparing search engines and how you can make the optimal selection decision. 

October 2018

improving e-commerce site search
October 10

Join the latest webinar in our Espresso Webinar Series. We'll discuss how to develop an actionable e-commerce search strategy as well as various features and functionalities, their impact, and their level of difficulty to achieve.