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June 2019

search & content analytics forum london
June 27

With Cognitive Search, Natural Language Processing, Knowledge Graphs, and Machine Learning, unlocking the value in unstructured data has become easier. Elsevier, Google, and Accenture's Search & Content Analytics group will introduce you to these AI-powered technologies and share success stories around unlocking value within unstructured data.

July 2019

Enhancing Business Processes with Intelligent Document Analysis
July 10

Join our webinar as we discuss various Intelligent Document Analysis (IDA) use cases and the AI technologies used for IDA projects to identify specific pieces of pertinent information to drive better business outcomes. 

September 2019

Log Analytics: Tools, Use Cases, Verticals, and Visualizations
September 11

Join our webinar as we discuss log analytics use cases, the various business verticals where business insights can apply, and what non-commercial off-the-shelf options are available and how they can be customized to meet unique needs. 

October 2019

sentiment analysis webinar
October 16

Join our webinar to learn about AI-driven Sentiment Analysis and how we help businesses detect peoples’ opinions or feelings about a topic and uncover actionable insights otherwise unobtainable. 

November 2019

customer and partner support portal search
November 20

Join our webinar to learn how we’ve successfully implemented content processing and search technologies as well as tuning and personalization features to deliver seamless user search experiences across various types of portals. 

December 2019

public website search
December 11

Join our webinar to hear about a real-life case study where we helped take a cumbersome and old-fashioned search system and transform it into a modern and flexible search solution.