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October 2018

improving e-commerce site search
October 10

During this webinar, part of our Espresso Webinar Series, we'll discuss how to develop an actionable e-commerce search strategy as well as various features and functionalities, their impact, and their level of difficulty to achieve. 

activate lucidworks search and ai conference
October 15-18

Montreal, Canada

We are a Gold sponsor and will be presenting.

November 2018

kmworld 2018
November 5-8

Washington, DC

We will be a diamond sponsor, reception sponsor, and have several speaking sessions throughout the week. Use our VIP registration code to receive exclusive discounts on your conference pass.

knowledge management trends
November 14

Join the latest webinar in our Espresso Webinar Series. We'll discuss emerging trends in Knowledge Management, including why search is still king, machine learning and AI, NLP, and the importance of keeping content safe.