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FAST ESP Migration Services

Most FAST ESP implementations are mature and highly functional. Many still support business-critical processes. But in many cases, migrating from FAST ESP to a well-supported search platform can provide your organization's users an enhanced search experience while making it easier for your IT team to manage and maintain.

We can help you assess, select, and implement the right FAST ESP migration strategy for your circumstances. Some popular options for migrating from FAST ESP include:

  • Open source search engines like Elasticsearch or Solr 
  • Commercial platforms, such as SharePoint, Coveo, Sinequa, Azure Search, etc.


Because we specialize in search applications, we have unrivaled experience of both FAST ESP and the current crop of leading search products. We are ideally positioned to help you plan and execute a migration.

Despite the rich functionality provided by FAST ESP, our migration projects typically recreate existing search functionality using the new platform.


We can provide managed services and consultation for your new search application after your FAST ESP migration is completed.

Common follow-up services include:

  • Search quality analysis: our experienced search analysts can help assess your search application and identify where your users' search experience can be improved.
  • Managed services: 24x7 support for your search system, performed by our proactive Global Managed Services team in the Americas, Europe, and Asia.
  • Strategy consulting: whether your organization is looking to implement new search features, modify certain functionalities, or integrate big data analytics with search, we bring advice and implementation support to help achieve your goals. 


For further information on search application assessment and migration strategy, contact us.