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FAST ESP to SharePoint 2013 Migration

Most of the organizations using FAST ESP for intranet or enterprise search applications are sophisticated in their use of this capable and highly detailed search technology. SharePoint 2013 offers a different, but in a number of ways, a more comprehensive set of search capabilities.

Whether tuning relevancy for specific groups of users, creating valuable new metadata in the indexing pipeline, or enhancing the search experience through query-side parsing and configuration, FAST ESP users have a lot invested in their current platform. 

Search Technologies is helping FAST ESP clients to move to SharePoint 2013 without any meaningful loss of search functionality. Moreover, we can help customers add new innovations, such as the concept of Enterprise Content Maps.



Based on our extensive experience, we have created a package of expert services, supported by bolt-on technologies where necessary, which enable the full value of current FAST ESP implementations to be realized in a SharePoint 2013 environment. 

Search Technologies has provided implementation and consulting services to more than 150 FAST and SharePoint users during the past 9 years. We are a double Gold-certified Microsoft Partner, and we were the FAST Worldwide Partner of the Year as far back as 2006. So we understand the capabilities of both FAST ESP and SharePoint 2013 search, intimately. 

Our migration services are modular. For some customers, all we provide is high-level consulting and architectural advice. For others, we take total responsibility for the migration and the SharePoint 2013 search implementation.



  • Migration assessment, strategy consulting and gap analysis
  • Detailed configuration and customization of SharePoint 2013 search
  • Implementing bolt-on technologies where appropriate to cover functionality gaps
  • Project planning and management
  • Repurposing or recreating important FAST ESP data connectors to be fully compliant with SharePoint 2013. In most organizations, some third-party repositories (Content Management, Customer Services Apps, ERP, etc.) will persist and need to remain searchable
  • Providing ongoing support and maintenance for your search system after the migration

For further information or an informal discussion, contact us.