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FAST Search Proof-of-Concept Service

Quickly and cost-effectively discover how FAST Search for SharePoint 2010 performs with your data


  • Search Technologies provides a convenient service package to implement Proof of Concept systems for FAST Search for SharePoint 2010
  • This enables organizations to discover how FAST performs in their own environment using live data
  • A range of data-sets can be included in the Proof of Concept, which will typically be conducted over a period of a few weeks
  • Search Technologies provides expertise to implement, configure and tune the search system, and ongoing support during the Proof of Concept testing period
  • The Proof of Concept can be conducted remotely or on-site, at the customer's discretion



Every organization has its own unique blend of data to be indexed and search user needs to be satisfied. The only sure way to discover the level of additional benefit offered by FAST Search is to implement it using customer data.

Proof of Concept systems are customized to the needs of the individual customer.



Using knowledge of the customer's circumstances gained during the Proof of Concept, and based on our vast experience working with FAST, Search Technologies is also able to provide accurate guidance on total cost of ownership, including implementation costs and hardware requirements.


Contact us to discuss your requirements.