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FAST Search for SharePoint (FS4SP):

Building Effective Search Solutions that will Easily Migrate to SP 2013

Since being honored as FAST Worldwide Partner of the Year in 2006, we've worked with more than 150 FAST/SharePoint customers to help them deliver search excellence. See a partial listing of our FAST/SharePoint customers here.

We are engaged with a range of SharePoint customers - mostly large corporations or Government Agencies who are committed to SharePoint - and for whom FS4SP poses a dilemma.

These customers are currently in the middle of substantial SharePoint 2010 roll-outs. The majority of them will continue with this process, and won't consider migrating to SharePoint 2013 until 2010 is in production and bedded down.

Their search teams, who are generally experienced exponents of enterprise search and have previously worked with products such as FAST ESP or Autonomy IDOL, are keen to deliver a comprehensive, efficient search experience based on FS4SP. However, they understand that in the near future, an upgrade to SharePoint 2013 is likely.

There are differences between the functionality offered by FS4SP and SharePoint 2013 search which should be planned for.

A Pragmatic Approach
Working with our customers, we've developed an approach to FS4SP that enables functionality to be easily migrated to SP 2013, when the time is right, and with a high degree of autonomy (with a lower-case a) from the main SharePoint implementation team.

This approach enables search teams to confidently press ahead with FAST Search for SharePoint 2010, safe in the knowledge that their investment of time and resources can be carried forward to the future SharePoint 2013 environment, with no loss of functionality, or redundancy of effort.

Contact us for further information, or for an informal discussion with one of our search architects.