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File System Search Solutions

Efficient, pragmatic solutions for searching large file shares

Within many businesses and government departments, most documentation is stored on shared file systems. This content tends to be relatively low-value if judged item-by-item. However, it is accessed regularly and efficiency savings can easily be made through providing staff with a better file system search capability.

The natural reaction of people who identify this issue and are motivated to do something about it is to look for a plug-and-play product to solve the problem. This seldom produces satisfactory search results and depending on the product, it can be expensive.

There are literally dozens of products and approaches that could be applied as potential solutions.


It is our contention that a better way to approach this is to start by examining the content environment, understanding user needs, and taking into account the technical environment:

In most cases, highly cost effective solutions can be built, using existing in-house technologies or perhaps open source alternatives. 

At Search Technologies, we have tools and best practices to do this efficiently.

Key ingredients in a file system search solution typically include:

  • Capturing all available file-path metadata
  • Creating a fully integrated browse then search, or search then browse information discovery environment
  • Making full use of search navigation and results sorting opportunities
  • Where appropriate, complimenting search with entity extraction and categorization technologies
  • Fully respecting document-level security systems
  • Ensuring that repository crawl procedures are friendly and cause no unacceptable stress to the file system

We've helped many customers to create productive yet low-cost file system search systems. Contact us for an informal discussion of your needs.