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File System Search Tools


  • Search Technologies provides a range of tools and services to create fast, highly relevent search applications for large file shares
  • Any leading search engine can be used, including open source alternatives such as Solr or Elasticsearch


Crawl Strategy: Where very large file systems are concerned, it is often necessary to seek customized crawl strategies. We can advise you on this, and provide appropriate software tools to suit your circumstances.

Document-level Security: In most cases, it is vital to maintain document-level security, through capturing all ACL information into the search indexes, and ensuring that users only see search results for which they have, at minimum, view access to the original file.

Metadata Capture: File paths contain a lot of valueable information. This is a form of human-generated metadata, and capturing this into the search experience greatly enhances user search productivity. Read more about this approach, which we call Enterprise Content Browsing.

Metadata Auto-generation: Most file share search scenarios can be much improved with a little attention to the auto-generation of new metadata, describing for example products, places, customer names, departments, or other items that have direct relevance to the bbusiness. We can help you to generate additional metadata through categorization and entity extraction, and present users with multiple search navigation options. Read more about the importance of navigation in search systems.

All of this can be done cost effectively, using proven open source search technology.

For further information, or an informal discussion of your file system search requirements, please contact us