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What's New in Folio 4.9?

Rocket Software Releases Rocket Folio 4.9 and 4.9.147

Rocket Folio is a mature and robust enterprise search and content management system for desktop applications. Key new items or enhancements in this release include: 

  • Added text wrapping options to text boxes, and the ability to set the default state of checkboxes in query templates built with the QTE
  • Additional PDF integration features such as support for text selection and caret navigation, copy & paste text , and tagging / untagging selections of content
  • Windows 8 Pro/Enterprise Support
  • Support for Microsoft Word 2013 documents
  • Improved export of infobases containing PDF to FFF, allowing for automated markup of PDF content
  • Updated Workbench to allow for adding folders to Workbench projects
  • Bind utility improvements, supporting better automation
  • Documentation improvements and corrections
  • Customer reported bug fixes

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Download the newest release, Folio 4.9.147, from the Rocket Customer Portal today, and begin experiencing the benefits of this new release. Customers on maintenance receive product updates and access to technical support as part of their contract.