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Microsoft FAST Search Options

Search Technologies is the most experienced FAST search implementation company worldwide.

We provide services to 150+ FAST/SharePoint search customers, working with all versions of the FAST search engine.

We specialize in preparing FAST ESP and FAST Search for SharePoint 2010 customers for migration to SharePoint 2013 without loss of functionality.


  • FS4SP:  Fast Search for SharePoint 2010 is a version of FAST packaged for the SharePoint 2010 environment. In this form, it is not fully "SharePointized" as it is in SharePoint 2013 (no longer available to new customers)
  • FISe: FAST for Internet Search. This is a packaging of FS4SP aimed at internet facing applications, such as Web site search and Extranets (no longer available)
  • FSIA:  FAST Search for Internal Applications is based on FAST ESP and aimed at organizations looking for a stand alone FAST implementation (not integrated with SharePoint) for internal use.  As of late 2011, this version is no longer being sold by Microsoft (no longer available)
  • FSIS: FAST Search for Internet Sites is also based on the FAST ESP, and is aimed at online search applications. As of late 2011, this has also been withdrawn
  • FAST ESP:  Currently in release 5.3, as it was when Microsoft acquired FAST. Migration programs are available to FS4SP. Still supported but no longer being developed, or sold to new customers
  • SharePoint 2013: FAST-like technology is built into SharePoint 2013 as standard, providing a good range of tuning and customization capabilities, but also imposing some restrictions, when compared to the flexibility of FAST ESP. However, with services, these restrictions can be overcome.


Search Technologies specializes in migrating large, complex enterprise search systems based on FAST ESP, Autonomy and other established products, into a SharePoint 2013 environment. With the right approach, this can be done without significant loss of functionality.