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What’s new with the Google Search Appliance version 7.0?

This new version of the GSA, initially launched in October 2012, provides a range of important new functions. Updates to version 7.0 are available for the GB-7007 (T2 and T3 series) and the


Entity Recognition
The GSA 7.0 introduces a new index-time capability to discover and extract interesting entities for use with Dynamic Navigation and to enhance keyword search. This is particularly useful in environments where the content to be indexed set has little or no metadata. Results biasing has also been extended to support biasing based on entities.   

Expert Search
Find experts within your organization via keyword search.  Experts matching a search are shown by default in a side bar next to search results, although this is configurable. Where the content is available, expert results can include photos, and contact details.

User Results
In previous releases, the GSA provided basic user-added results, giving the ability to create 
unmoderated search results. In v7.0, the “enhanced user results” feature supersedes this. With this new capability,  you can specify whether user results are moderated – in other words, whether they require administrator approval prior to publication.

Document Previews
Version 7.0 of the GSA provides document previews, enabling search users to view a
preview image of a document withing the search results. Supported formats for this function include
Microsoft Word (doc, docx), PowerPoint , and Adobe PDF. This feature is enabled through front-end configuration, and it helps to make results browsing significantly more efficient.

Results Translation
Version 7.0 of the Google Search Appliance can translate results listings in real-time. The search user’s language is taken from the browser default. When this optional feature is enabled, a translation link is added to each applicable search result.  In addition to results listings, cached content can also be translated on-the-fly.

Index Limit Settings
By default, the GSA indexes a maximum of 2.5MB of text or html from each document. In version 7.0, this limit is configurable up to 10 MB.

Compressed File Indexing
V7.0 supports the Indexing of various compressed file formats such as .zip, .tar.gz and .tgz.

Metadata Configuration
Version 7.0 introduces more flexibility in the way that metadata is captured and parsed. For example, in the way that multivalued metadata is handled. This is particularly useful for getting the most from Dynamic Navigation. The new functionality is in the form of configuration options

Dynamic Navigation Enhancements
Driven by metadata configuration enhancements and the new entity recognition capabilities, Dynamic Navigation capabilities are much improved in release 7.0 of the Google Search Appliance.

Security Enhancements
Some document repositories allow for security information to be applied to groups of documents through inheritance. In version 7.0, the GSA is able to work with much more complex security setups, including the accurate modelling of ACL (Access Control List) inheritance.

Version 7.0 of the Google Search Appliance also enables configuration against multiple LDAP servers, and with no limit to the number of LDAP server configurations that can be created.