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Google Search Appliance (GSA) Alternatives

With Google announcing it will end support for the Google Search Appliance in March 2019 and transitioning from on-premise to the cloud, looking for the most viable Google Search Appliance alternatives will be a strategic goal for many GSA customers in the upcoming months. We have compiled a list of GSA customers' frequently asked questions (and responses) to give you a high-level guidance for a successful migration. Given the GSA’s versatile search functionalities, it’s critical to thoroughly evaluate your GSA alternatives to avoid system disruptions and ensure your users’ productivity won’t suffer due to poor search. 



There are two paths for transitioning from the on-premise Google Search Appliance:

1. Google's cloud-based search solution: In 2017, Google announced Google Cloud Search - a new product incorporating machine learning to provide a unified search experience for G-Suite customers.

2. A search engine with comparable capabilities: Committing to a cloud-only infrastructure may not be an ideal option for enterprises that require an on-premise or hybrid infrastructure. In those cases, other search solutions offer viable Google Search Appliance alternatives to fulfill your organization's needs.

Google Premier Partner, we maintain strong partnerships with leading search engine vendors to advise our customers in selecting the right solution for their organizations. We can help you migrate from your GSA to various search platforms, including:

  • Elasticsearch
  • Solr
  • SharePoint Search
  • Amazon CloudSearch 
  • Azure Search
  • Sinequa
  • Oracle Endeca
  • And a wide range of other search engines

Depending on your requirements, we can help you select, implement, and support your new infrastructure.

Request a free one-hour consultation with our GSA experts to start your planning today.



Our full range of enterprise search services covers strategy development, implementation, training, and support for out-of-the-box and custom-built search applications.

Beyond advanced search features, we have in-depth expertise to help you integrate big data analytics capabilities, enabling efficient search and discovery for operational improvements.

Some popular search and big data applications we’ve implemented are:

  • Intranet / corporate wide search
  • E-commerce search
  • Compliance & fraud detection
  • Media & publishing
  • Log analytics


Request a free one-hour consultation to learn more about Google Search Appliance alternatives and how we can help with your GSA transition.