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A Google Search Appliance Connector for SharePoint

Search Technologies provides a flexible and customizable SharePoint - GSA connector

With more than 150 SharePoint (2010, 2013) and FAST customers, and over 200 Google Search Appliance (GSA) customers, we know these technologies intimately.

The GSA provides a standard connector for SharePoint, and for many implementation scenarios, this provides a quick and easy solution.

In some circumstances, customization is necessary to deliver search excellence, including:

  • Complex document-level security. For example, multiple Active Directory or LDAP servers, and nested permission groups.
  • Content processing, prior to indexing. For example, concatenating content from multiple sources (not just from SharePoint) into single, indexable records.
  • Splitting large files held in SharePoint into multiple parts to improve findability.

Based on Search Technologies' Aspire Connector Framework, our SharePoint connector for the Google Search Appliance is highly customizable and is typically provided as part of a services engagement.

Check out our full list of pre-built connectors to popular business applications.

Software maintenance services are also available, including 24/7 options.

Contact us to discuss your requirements and how our connector can work for you.