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Google Search Appliance (GSA) End-of-Life Consulting

As Google is phasing out the Google Search Appliance (GSA), now is the time to start thinking about your transition plan. As a Google Premier Partner and expert in search engine technologies, we are fully prepared to help you plan ahead for the Google Search Appliance end-of-life. We do so by relying on a proven process that has worked for many customers’ successful migrations from the GSA as well as other search engines. 

Google Search Appliance Migration Process

 google search appliance migration process

Pre-Migration Consulting

The optimal transition option can be an extensive, custom migration for some organizations but a quick, straightforward jump start for others. We work hard to understand your search requirements to define a migration approach, scope, and the best course of action.

  • Renewal support – we can take care of your renewals in the next 2-3 years during the Google Search Appliance end-of-life transition.
  • A Google Premier Partner with in-depth expertise through nearly 200 GSA implementations. Whether it’s moving to another search solution or the Google Cloud Platform, we can help. 
  • Search engine experts – what makes us different from most GSA vendors is that we are experienced with a wide range of open source and commercial solutions, enabling us to bring practical advice and implementation expertise.
  • Migration experience - a large part of our business is dedicated to providing guidelines, implementation, and support for customers who look to move from one search engine to another. 
  • An understanding of each customer's unique situation – our best practice is to conduct a thorough assessment of needs to ensure that all your requirements will be met during the migration. 

Configuration and Deployment

Through implementing search solutions for over 700 customers, we bring expert expertise in:

  • Search application design and deployment for open source and commercial search solutions.
  • Cloud platforms – in addition to on-premise search engines, we have the ability to build your search application on Microsoft Azure Search, Amazon CloudSearch, or Google Cloud Platform.
  • Search engine security – our implementation approach emphasizes search security down to the document level as well as auditing capabilities.
  • Data connectors – you've got multiple data sources? We've got you covered with a range of pre-built and custom connectors.

Post-Migration Support and Tuning

Once you have completed a successful migration, you can rely on our end-to-end services to keep your search application run smoothly in the long-run.  

  • 24x7 support and managed services provided by our team of experts from the Americas, Europe, and Asia. 
  • Relevancy tuning – as you refine your search strategy, we can assist in improving your search accuracy and relevancy algorithms. 
  • Big data analytics integration – we can go beyond search to help you leverage big data analytics for a better user experience and bottom line.


A seamless migration starts with early and thorough planning. Contact us to start developing a roadmap for transitioning from the Google Search Appliance.

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