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The Google Search Appliance as an Enterprise Search Platform

UPDATE: In February 2016, Google announced that it will be phasing out the Google Search Appliance in order to transition to a cloud-based solution. Learn more about the announcement and how you can plan for the transition here.

Google don’t release data about the number of GSAs that have been sold, but it is safe to assume that there are plenty of them. 

Google’s default positioning of the GSA, since its inception, has been as a plug-and-play search solution. At Search Technologies, we’ve been providing services to GSA customers for more than five years. Our engagement with the majority of these customers has been short and sweet. For a wide range of point applications, the GSA can be set up, configured and implemented quickly and easily. Our most popular GSA service is the Jump-start, which combines implementation services with knowledge transfer, leaving the customer with a well-configured GSA, and the skills to efficiently manage the system.

Google’s messaging has resonated less with seasoned enterprise search veterans, who through the pain of experience with a range of search products, have learned that plug-and-play doesn’t cut it for corporate-wide search applications involving multiple, and diverse data sets. 

However, this perception is changing, and the timing is good. 

The Google Search Appliance has the necessary core strengths and customization possibilities, and architecturally, it is very well suited for the future demands of enterprise search. At Search Technologies, we’re working with a growing number of customers who initially chose the GSA as a point solution for a specific application, but are now rolling it out as an enterprise search platform.



Continued growth in the volume of enterprise content will break traditional search architectures. The many large organizations currently implementing SharePoint will be among those to feel this pain. A new architectural model (new to the enterprise, although has probably been using the model for years) is necessary.


Search Technologies is pleased to present a number of options for organizations that are serious about enterprise search, to investigate the use of the GSA as a corporate-wide search platform, and to discuss how future enterprise search architectures can be planned to suit the customer's specific environment.

Whether you are already running the GSA for point applications, migrating from a legacy enterprise search system, or seeking an improved search capability for your SharePoint environment, you are invited to contact us