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Google Search Appliance Features

The Google Search Appliance (GSA) provides quick, relevant and secure access to information across the corporate intranet, regardless of document format or location. Suitable for 500,000 to many billions of documents, pricing is based on the number of documents. GSAs combine Google's core search technology with a range of business-oriented features, and they provide single-point access to all business information in an easily deployable package. Headline features include:

Easy to use: The GSA provides a universal search for business, enabling all enterprise or web content to be searched through one easy, familiar box.

Easy to implement: With the GSA, you can have your application up and running in very little time.

Security: GSAs respect document-level security through integration with your existing access control systems, supporting a number of single sign-on mechanisms including LDAP, NTLM, PKI and Kerberos.

Data access: A range of standard content connectors including file systems, web sites, Microsoft SQLServer, MySQL, Oracle, IBM DB2, OpenText Livelink, EMC Documentum and IBM FileNet, are complimented by a growing number of third-party plug-ins and an open development framework with which additional connectors can be implemented. GSAs support more than 200 standard file formats and provide reformatting to html for easy viewing of legacy document types.  Search Technologies also provides a custom content connector development service.

Scalable architecture: The GSA extends search through a new architecture, which enables multiple GSA deployments within one organization to integrate search indices and provide a unified set of results. This enables organizations to search across thousands, millions, or even billions of documents and to unify search across multiple GSA instances.

Customizable ranking: Administrators can easily tune results ranking to the needs of their organization, or provide different departments with their own customized settings. Ranking can be customized using a wide range of criteria, including source, collection, document age and metadata.

Language support: A wide range of languages are supported. Auto-language detection is provided covering more than 20 languages (enabling searches to be filtered by language, and the correct stemming rules to be applied to documents). Cross-language searching is enabled through Google's real-time translation technology.

End-user features include personalization of search results such as key matches, collections, One-Box, alerts, a built-in spelling checker, results clustering, and social search features enabling users to promote documents against specific queries.

Administration: A simple-to-use web-based admin console allows multiple roles to be defined for crawling, search serving and monitoring. This is available in a wide range of languages.

Advanced reporting provides easily accessible information on search activity including top queries, the use of special features and reports on queries that receive no hits.


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