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Google Search Appliance (GSA) Migration Services

Migrating from the GSA to Elasticsearch, Solr, SharePoint, a Cloud-Based Platform, or Another Alternative? We Can Help.


The Google Search Appliance (GSA) delivers a flexible, powerful search and analytics capabilities that support various business functions. However, Google will be phasing out the GSA as part of its strategy to move from an on-premise to a cloud-based solution.

GSA renewals end in 2018 and support ends in 2019. If you are currently running your search applications on the GSA, it’s critical to start considering your next steps and planning for this transition. As you develop your Google Search Appliance migration strategy, here are some options to consider:

  • Moving to Google's cloud-based search solution: your application and data will be completely cloud-based and powered by Google's graph search, machine learning, and natural language capabilities.
  • Migrating from the Google Search Appliance to another search platform: on-premise search engines such as Elasticsearch, Solr, SharePoint Search, or cloud-based solutions like Amazon CloudSearch, Sinequa, or Microsoft Azure Search, etc. can be comparable alternatives. Download our free e-book to read about the key criteria for selecting your GSA replacement.


A Google Premier Partner with over 200 GSA customers, we can help migrate your GSA functionalities to Google's cloud-based search solution, a flexible and versatile virtual environment for search, data storage, analytics, and other business applications.

If on-premise features are among your priorities, we can help develop your migration strategy around your business goals. With practical experience and expertise in a range of enterprise search platforms, our consultants ensure that you plan and implement a successful migration to an enterprise search solution that works for your organization's long-term vision.

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  • Renewal support in the immediate term (one to two years) to give you the time needed to consider your next steps
  • System assessment and migration strategy consulting
  • Migration planning and implementation to preserve current functionalities and add new features for long-term agility
  • Dedicated project manager and technical team for your Google Search Appliance migration
  • Post-migration support and training

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Approach 1

If you use the GSA for complex, mission-critical search applications with advanced features:

  • A comprehensive assessment of requirements and extensive planning for migration success.
  • Evaluating and selecting a replacement search engine.
  • A custom project plan for a failproof implementation. 

Approach 2

If you have been running on readily-available, pre-built GSA features for simpler search applications:

  • A Migration Blueprint based on your current GSA configuration.
  • Deploying a replacement search application that replicates your current configuration as closely as possible.


Once the migration is completed, it’s important to continue fine-tuning your search application, whether you decide to run it in Google's cloud-based search solution or on another search platform.

We will work with your team to ensure long-term performance through:

  • Search quality analysis: evaluating current search performance and recommending improvement tactics
  • Managed services: 24x7 support provided by our dedicated teams in the Americas, Europe, and Asia.
  • Content connectors: we offer a variety of pre-built and custom connectors to bring together your data from multiple repositories.
  • Strategy consulting: when you are ready for new search functionalities or integrations with other business and analytics applications.


Start planning your Google Search Appliance migration strategy proactively, request a free consultation.


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