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Google Search Appliance (GSA) Replacement

Google's support for the Google Search Appliance will end in March 2019. You can either wait to hear about Google’s evolving plans for a cloud replacement solution, or you can migrate risk-free to Search Technologies' GSA Replacement Solution. Centered around Elasticsearch, the most popular open source search engine today, our solution provides complete enterprise search features and security, deployable on-premise or in the cloud. 

What makes our GSA replacement solution unique from other search product vendors? A Google Premier Partner with over 200 GSA customers, we deliver a powerful GSA replacement plus expert implementation and enterprise-class managed services, tailored to your needs. The end result? You'll transition seamlessly to a search solution that will effectively support your business in the long-run.

Take a quick look at our Google Search Appliance Replacement solution:

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A Google Search Appliance Replacement Built with GSA Users in Mind

Search Technologies' GSA Replacement Solution will act just like your "yellow box,"  with additional capabilities for advanced customization.

CORE TECHNOLOGY - based on Elasticsearch, the most popular search engine today (DB-Engines). 

PERFORMANCE - comparable or better than the Google Search Appliance, easy to use, and customizable. 

COST – a full-featured, cost-effective Google Search Appliance replacement 

DEPLOYMENT – out-of-the-box, standard implementations can be up and running in 2-4 weeks. More complex, custom implementations? We will provide an assessment with a specific migration blueprint and cost estimate. 

SECURITY – supports document-level security as well as auditing capabilities.

SCALABILITY & CONNECTIVITY – need to connect to more data and sources? We've got you covered with our Aspire Content Processing and a wide range of pre-built connectors

HOSTING – cloud-based, on-premise, or hybrid, depending on your requirements.

End-to-End, Risk-Free Migration

  • GSA renewal support in the immediate term 
  • System assessment and replacement planning consultation
  • Configurations and implementation that preserve current functionalities and add new features for long-term agility
  • Dedicated team for your GSA replacement project
  • Optional post-launch support, managed services, and training

Start your GSA transition planning now. Contact us.