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Google Search Appliance (GSA) Consulting and Implementation Services

The Google Search Appliance (GSA) delivers a flexible, powerful tool for enterprise search and data-intensive business applications.

As a Google Premier Partner, Search Technologies has a proven track record of providing expert consulting and implementation services for organizations looking to leverage the Google Search Appliance. We’ve helped nearly 200 customers across North America and Europe implement various use cases of the GSA’s enterprise capabilities.

Our comprehensive range of Google Search Appliance consulting and implementation services can assist you with:

  • Google Search Appliance migration: if you are a current GSA customer, you will need to revisit your enterprise search strategy as Google is phasing out the GSA. We bring end-to-end migration services and full-featured solutions to help you replace your GSA risk-free. Learn more and request a free consultation with our GSA experts.
  • Expert implementation: deployment strategy, integration, and configuration of the GSA to tackle sophisticated search and analytics applications.
  • Consulting: comprehensive assessment of your search needs and consultation on the business applications and capabilities of all GSA models. Our partnership with Google enables us to effectively guide you through your GSA project, ensuring that your enterprise search requirements and ROI are achieved.
  • Data connectors: pre-built GSA connectors for enterprise applications, such as SharePoint, Documentum, Lotus Notes, Jive,, IBM Connections, Confluence, Amazon S3, Socialcast, and more.
  • Content processing and indexing: data collection, normalization, and enrichment before indexing into the GSA, using Search Technologies’ award-winning Aspire or other content processing software you select.
  • Entity recognition assessment and implementation: best practices and guidance on how the GSA's entity recognition feature can drive search effectiveness through automatic metadata generation, dynamic navigation, and results filtering.
  • Support and training: in-person or remote training sessions to accelerate staff's and management's adoption of the GSA.
  • Managed services: ongoing search engine maintenance, hosting, and tuning to keep your search application running at its peak performance.
  • Security and optimization: regular health checks, system audits, security measures, and other optimizing projects to further enhance search for your users.
  • Upgrades and renewals: practical guidelines and technical support when it comes to updating or renewing your GSA.

The combination of Google's search technology and our extensive GSA implementation experience brings you tailored, efficient solutions for:

  • Intranet search
  • Customer support portals
  • E-commerce search
  • Website search
  • Search-enabled enterprise big data & analytics platforms

Contact us to learn more about the Google Search Appliance capabilities and pricing.