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Google Secure Data Connectors

Search Technologies specializes in the creation, implementation and support of secure connectors for the Google Search Appliance (GSA). Our data connectors enable content to be indexed from almost any type of repository or data source.

With more than 120 GSA customers, we are the most experienced IT services company dedicated to search engines.

Data connectors are an important part of the overall architecture of search systems. Standard connectors for the GSA are available from Google for a range of popular repositories, such as EMC Documentum, IBM FileNet, Microsoft SharePoint and OpenText LiveLink. However, many search implementation projects involve acquiring content from other, less well-known repositories, or involve complexities relating to document-level security which cannot be configured out-of-the-box using standard connectors.

Using our extensive experience, we'll find the optimum approach to ensure that your custom data connectors are secure, reliable and easy to maintain over the long-term.

Search Technologies supports secure data connectors for the Google Search Appliance under a commercial-grade Service Level Agreement.

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