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Google Search Appliance (GSA) Services Overview

Use Our Extensive Range of Services to Get the Most from your GSA

Search Technologies is the leading provider of search engine expertise, consulting and implementation services. With offices across the Americas and in the UK and Germany, we’ve helped more than 200 customers to optimally implement the Google Search Appliance (GSA).


Our packaged services are flexible to take full account of your specific circumstances. They include:

  • Jump-start Programs: 2-day and 5-day services engagements providing expert, on-site  assistance ensuring that your GSA is up and running quickly and in accordance with current best practices.
  • Health Checkups: Maximize return on your investment. We’ll audit your system, address any issues, and suggest ways to extend or improve the use of your GSA.
  • Content Analysis: There are opportunities to quickly enhance the search experience through configuring the GSA to the content environment. An understanding of the content’s strengths and weaknesses, from a search perspective, is a foundation for this.
  • Support Plans: Search Technologies provides a range of value-added support options including a 24/7 service for critical applications, and a managed service where we take total responsibility for the implementation and ongoing administration of your GSA.
  • Migrating from the GSA: In February 2016, Google announced that they will be phasing out the GSA. As a Google Premier Partner, we can help you assess your search strategy, select a GSA replacement, plan your migration, and support your new search solution. Learn more about our GSA migration services.


The GSA affords a wide range of customization possibilities, and its use can be scaled across the enterprise connecting to multiple data sets and serving diverse user communities. Our implementation services include:

  • Enterprise Search Roll Out: We’ll scope, detail and implement the extension of GSA use across your organization.
  • Custom Connector Development: Connect the GSA to all of your important content sources with fully supported custom data connectors.
  • User Interface Development. Your search application may benefit from a bespoke user interface, for example, to provide graphical options for search results display.
  • Query Federation: For some applications, it is useful to simultaneously search using the GSA and other resources such as or subscription services.


Security environments can be complex, but it is critical that search applications fully comply. The latest GSA has all of the functionality needed to provide secure search, even in the most complex environment. However, configuration and customization are usually necessary. Search Technologies has unparalleled experience with search security and we’ll help you to implement:

  • An early-binding approach to capturing ACLs for documents and database records
  • Login proxy and group expansion of credentials, including handling nested groups and unifying multiple systems
  • A fast, convenient, single sign-on capability for GSA users, regardless of the underlying complexity


Search Technologies provides software and services to automatically create high-quality metadata to drive key GSA features such as Dynamic Navigation. Our capabilities include:

  • Cleaning and enhancing existing metadata
  • Dictionary, pattern and statistically-based metadata parsing and extraction
  • Multi-source content normalization and fusion

For further information on any of our Google Search Appliance services, contact us today.