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Government Search Solutions

Serving the Public with Exceptional Information Search Experiences


There are many important services that tax paying citizens may expect from government organizations, including defense, police, firefighting, education, councils, and health services. But today, an overwhelming and growing need that cuts across all these organizations is the need for information.

  • What are the new tax regulations for this year?
  • Where can I find information to research my family history?
  • Where can I get a copy of the official government report on climate change?

With the ever-growing volume and variety of information that is managed by government organizations, the challenge is to create a search solution that is fast and scalable while delivering a good experience for users.


In both North America and the UK, Search Technologies supports a range of government agencies and departments who rely on search and big data applications to deliver high-quality services to citizens.

Some of our government customers include the U.S. Government Publishing Office (GPO), the U.S. National Archives (NARA)the Library of Congress, Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE), and Business Link. We have implemented search solutions for government agencies and departments using both open source platforms and commercial search engines.  

Example applications we’ve built for various types of public institutions include:

Information Portal Search

Search is the most heavily used feature of most government information portals. Great search ensures that citizens find what they need quickly and efficiently:

  • Supporting freedom of information obligations
  • Providing self-service access and saving money through reduced face-to-face and call center contact


Archiving Systems

Search Technologies pioneered the use of open standards and open source software to build archive systems providing:

  • Secure, long-term preservation of information
  • Fast, easy access through integrated search/browse capabilities


Types of Government Search and Big Data Solutions we help implement:

  • Government Information Portals
  • Government Archiving Systems
  • Public University Portals
  • Municipal Government Websites
  • Public Safety Websites (Police)
  • Intelligence
  • Fraud / Insider Threat Detection

Representative Customers:

  • US Government Publishing Office
  • US National Archives
  • US Library of Congress
  • US Postal Service HQ
  • Ministry of Justice
  • Business Link (UK Government's GIS Portal)
  • UK's Social Care Institute for Excellence (SCIE)
  • Many more…

For more examples of our government and public sector projects, please visit our customer page or contact us for an informal discussion of how we can get started with our Assessment Service.