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A Connector Framework for the Google Search Appliance (GSA)

More than just data plumbing, our connector framework enhances the GSA search experience and drives additional ROI

Search Technologies provides a connector framework for the GSA. This can be used with, or as an alternative to native Google development tools. Based on Aspire, our connector framework provides:

  • A fully maintained rapid development environment
  • Support for all popular security and authentication systems, with early binding and group expansion for nested permissions
  • Integrated document parsing and metadata extraction tools
  • Data aggregation tools, enabling searchable records to be constructed from multiple sources
  • Content splitting tools, for example to split large pdfs into sub-sections or chapters for indexing purposes
  • Content filtering tools to prevent unwanted content or data records from being indexed by the GSA. This is especially useful for the partial indexing of database tables, or for limiting the amount of content indexed from specific documents

These added-value features enable companies to maximize return on investment in the Google Search Appliance. Specifically:

  • Easily create contextual metadata to drive Dynamic Navigation. Contextual navigation options greatly improve search user productivity
  • Ensure that content is ideally structured for search effectiveness
  • Keep your GSA's indexes clean and small by filtering out unwanted content prior to indexing
  • Connect to any repository using our fully supported framework, complimented by our expert implementation services, and ensure that your GSA users have search access to all of your corporate content


For further information, contact us.