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The GSA Entity Recognition Assessment

Maximize Search Effectiveness by Automatically Enhancing Document Metadata

Search Technologies provides a fixed priced service for enterprises looking to deploy the Google Search Appliance’s entity recognition capabilities. 

Entity recognition is a great way of improving the search effectiveness over casually managed content sources such as file shares which lack reliable metadata, but contain highly valuable information hidden amongst large numbers of corporate documents. Entity recognition plays the role of automatically adding new domain-specific metadata to content, to drive Dynamic Navigation and results filtering. 

Search Technologies Entity Recognition Assessment is designed to ensure that current best practices are applied to the implementation of this important new feature. This ensures that the full power of the Google Search Appliance is exploited to drive search effectiveness. 

This service is tailored to the specific needs of the customer and typically includes the following tasks: 

  • Investigate and understand the search environment, including content sources, subject matter domains, key use cases and business processes that are supported by search
  • Identify entities that could be used with GSA features such as Dynamic Navigation
  • Discover interesting entities in documents with poor or missing metadata (people, products, geo-locations, companies, etc.)
  • Identify and plan for any additional content processing necessary to ensure accurate entity recognition (content filtering, cleaning, and normalization)

This service provides up to two days on-site to evaluate customer content and identify candidate entities. The key deliverable is an Assessment Report which provides a comprehensive implementation plan to directly address the customer’s search requirements. An overview of findings and the proposed strategy will also be presented to the customer.

For further information, contact us.