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Google Search Appliance (GSA) Jump-Start Program

This service provides an efficient way for organizations to begin using the GSA quickly and effectively.

Working with Google, we’ve put together a package of expert services that can be used in a variety of ways, including:

  • Rapid Deployment:  Use our expertise to get your GSA deployment off to a flying start. You can rest assured that the approach we recommend follows current best practices.
  • Training & Mentoring:  If you’re intending to deploy and administer your GSA in-house, use our Jump-Start Program to provide your team with an intensive, on-site training and mentoring program. Our expert will work with your team to initiate the project, providing a mixture of hands-on implementation help, best practice advice and formal training, customized to your specific requirements.

Our Google Search ApplianceJump-Start program will:

  • Maximize your ROI:  We’ll take the time to understand your specific requirements for search and use our experience to optimally configure your GSA.  This ensures that all pertinent GSA features are brought into play to support your business objectives
  • Minimize ownership effort:  Expert configuration of your GSA will ensure easy, low cost ownership. In addition, our expert can provide your staff with best practices advice on system administration.  This ensures a smooth transition into production

Search Technologies is dedicated to search engines and has provided over 50,000 consultant days of search implementation services to 300+ clients during the past four years. 

Search Technologies is one of Google’s most prolific partners, having engaged with dozens of GSA users including Amirsys, ESRI and VMWare. Our expertise with the latest GSA technology combined with our deep experience in search applications and portal development is a winning combination.

For further information contact Search Technologies directly or through your Google Enterprise representative.