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The GSA Search Application Assessment Process


  • Search Technologies provides a “Search Application Assessment Service" that helps you maximize the performance of your Google Search Appliance
  • This service can be used to address issues with existing GSA implementations, or it can be used to provide a detailed plan for a new implementation
  • This service delivers a comprehensive document, detailing recommended search application design and implementation strategies, and it can be used to guide an in-house project or as the basis for an RFP for implementation services


Details matter when it comes to ensuring success with search software. There is a difference between simply getting a search application to work (delivering some results against a query), and having it make an important contribution to your business success.

Search Technologies has engaged with hundreds of clients and examined their search needs in detail. Through this process, we have established and documented best practices for assessing search needs from the perspective of business process improvement.

It is important to know what to look for. We will help you find opportunities to focus your search implementation on key business objectives. We begin by talking to your people, analyzing your current configuration and gaining an in-depth understanding of the business issues driving your search needs. We then provide you with an assessment results document containing detailed recommendations and a roadmap for solution development, including an outline project and staffing plan. This document enables you to see a clear picture of the size, complexity and likely overall cost of the project.


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