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Hadoop Consulting & Implementation Services

Internet search was the first "big data" problem solved by Hadoop.  And at Search Technologies, we've successfully successful search projects for over 600 clients in various industries.

More recently, our projects have involved implementing "big data" search and analytics solutions that involve extreme addressing the volume, velocity, variety and veracity of extremely large data sets.  The solutions have included:

  • Automating applicant to job matching ("search and match") for some of the largest recruiting companies in the world - a project that analysis of text of millions of unstructured records.
  • Developing a Fraud Detection Workbench for the insurance industry that allows the detection of anomalous transactions from among tens of millions of claims records.
  • Creating the "next generation" of intranet/extranet portals Fortune 500 companies that will leverage machine learning to optimize search relevancy.

So, as you would expect, we're into Hadoop in a big way, and we can provide skilled staff to assist customers with Hadoop-based projects at competitive daily rates.

We specialize in unstructured data applications. Regardless of whether you are planning a search system or hoping to gain business insight through analysis, adding structure to unstructured content is a key foundation. This means metadata enrichment, content cleansing, and normalization. In addition to our Hadoop knowledge, we are fully familiar with the appropriate tools, approaches and best practices for adding structure to content.

  • In very large search systems, these upfront content processing tasks drive improved performance, relevancy and additional functionality for the user
  • Insight applications depend completely on structure. If insight is to be actionable with confidence, then the methods through which additional structure is created must be transparent and consistent. In other words, data provenance is important

If your application involves unstructured content, contact us for and informal discussion of your Hadoop consulting needs.