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A Hosted Search Service for Publishers


  • Search Technologies provides a hosted search service for publishers based on the open source Solr Lucene platform, enabling organizations with high-value, public-facing content to add sophisticated search functionality to their portal
  • This service is available for a simple monthly fee
  • Although hosted for customer convenience, this service provides a wide range of advanced search functions and can be highly customized
  • The service can be based at Search Technologies dedicated Solr Lucene hosting facilites or in the Amazon Compute Cloud

The service is particularly suited to content publishers and large informational web sites, so whether your target communities are engineers, accountants, mining professionals or the public-at-large, search can be customized to fully meet audience requirements.

The search service provides a full range of custom parsing and categorization functions, and current best practice user functionality, such as contextual search navigators.

"Best-of-Web" aggregation is optionally available to provide third party content to the search experience, helping your property become a portal for your industry, or a hub through which all information about your organization can easily be accessed.

Search functionality
The search service provides a range of standard features and functions including:

  • Results ordering by relevance, by date, or by any other fielded criteria
  • A wide range of techniques to customize relevance
  • Search navigators, providing contextually relevant drill-down options to the searcher
  • Search filtering on any meta data criteria to limit the scope of a search
  • Highly adjustable results (number of results, fields returned, length of snippets, etc.) which can be useful for SEO purposes and enables the service to be used to serve contextual links into content pages.
  • A sophisticated query parser enabling semantic expansion of search terms and fine-grain relevancy adjustment
  • Relevancy score adjustment based on the data source

24/7 application support is available.

Contact Search Technologies for further details.